Ground spike for Flex post Ø80 mm

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Ground spike for Flex Post ø 80 mm
- dimensions: Ø200 mm (L) 300 mm
- zinc-plated
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Flex island delineator
- size: H1000mm, width 320 mm
- reflective RA2 foil
- material: TPU
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Removable flex post
– with one anchor
– retro-reflector of class RA2
– resistant to heavy loads
– easy installation
– weatherproof
– made of high-quality and durable polyurethane
– edge with Swarovski crystals
– resistant to acids and salts
– fully reusable
– TÜV certified
SKU: DK-8BS-M80-W ,   Qty: In Stock
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MegaMAX Post with chain lead-through PP
4 reflective tapes Typ 2
height 120 cm,
foot: Ø 40 cm
post Ø 11 cm
empty weight 4 kg
Foots can be filled
with 8-10 kg sand
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Red flex post Ø80 mm with white RA1 reflective stripes
3 fixing holes
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From 35,90 €
- Will rebound when driven over and is resistant to heavy loads
- Easy installation
- Weather resistant to extreme high and extreme low temperature
- High quality and durable polyurethane
- Exchangeable
- High reflective and flexible prismatic sheet Class II
- Swarovski (Swareflex) crystals
- Resistant to acids and salt
- Completely recyclable
- TUV certified
- According to CE EN 12899-3:2007 regulations
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112,00 €
Signaling and beaconing post for the delimitation of the different spaces. Size: 120 x 800 mm (diameter x height).
Heavy base that gives stability to the beacon. Base measurements: 260 x 60 mm (diameter x height)
The post has 3 holes to be fixed to the ground. It can also be used without being fixed to the ground (mobile, like a cone).
Red pole, with large white reflector. In the upper part it has a handle for easy handling and transport.
The beacon is fixed to the base, by means of a screw mechanism.
The beacon has a rubber strip, so that when hit it adapts and returns to its original position.
Ideal for delimiting roads, streets, private spaces, use in industrial spaces, etc.
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