Flexible rack protection M 600

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The shelf protection is suitable for shelf posts with dimensions of 80-100 mm, can withstand up to 1280 J of impact force.
Material: Reflex (technical polymer), recyclable material
Color: RAL 1018
Dimensions: 13 x 11.7 x 60 cm, thickness 7 mm
Weight: 3.1
Operating temperature: −10 ºC to 60 ºC
Conforms to TÜV (DIN EN 15512: 2010-09 and BGR 234/12)
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Low guards are intended for separation and protection in areas where heavy loads are handled.

- material: REFLEX (technopolymer)
- color: yellow RAL 1018, black RAL 9005
- impact resistance: 5400 J
- dimensions: Ø150 (P) 1000 (K) 200 mm
- environment: −10 ºC to 60 ºC
- attached to the floor with chemical anchors

Sales unit: etc.
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Double horizontal borders provide protection in areas with high traffic congestion and heavy vessels.

- material: REFLEX (technopolymer)
- color: yellow RAL 1018, black RAL 9005
- dimensions: Ø150 (P) 1100 (K) 500 mm
- dimensions of the base plate: 180 x 160 x 10 mm
- impact resistance: 3400 J
- TÜV certified according to DIN EN 15512: 2010-09
- environment: −10 ºC to 50 ºC
Fastened to the floor with M12 anchors (included and with chemical glue)
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Wall protection system to protect areas that are impacted frequently or subject to friction. Made of soft material.

- temperature resistance -10...60°C
- profile dimensions: 200x20mm x pikkus 4000mm

The two-level bumper system is used where there is an increased risk of impacts in places with higher thermal loads, for example:
in frozen product warehouses
in cold areas
in parking lots
on the ramps

We supply bumpers in a length of 4 m, and if necessary, you can adjust the length as needed.
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Single rails guardrail designed to guarantee resistance and flexibility in environments with low temperature up to -30°. Robust and perfect for blocking moving loads in cold storages. Available in different standard lengths. Ideal for handling areas with light traffic. Fixing accessories are included and totally concealed, making the guardrail suitable for hygienic environments. Chemical anchor necessary and available on request.

– material: reflex
– colour: RAL 1018
– temperature resistance: −30 ºC kuni 50 ºC
– impact resistant: 3468 J
– fixing accessories are included
– lengths: 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm

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Loading bays protections are shock-proof solutions which are set up near loading doors.
They avoid possible slipping, falling and flipping of moving vehicles near open and unmanned loading bays.
In case of impact, this product is sturdy and flexible. Its mechanical properties last over time. It suits loading docks of 2,4 and 2,5 meters.
Fixing accessories are included.

Available in three different sizes:
- L 2400-2600mm
- XL 2605-2800mm
- XXL 2805-3000mm
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Ceiling-mounted barrier that warns truck drivers if the ceiling is low or obstructed.
The warning strip prevents damage to doors, loading bays, walkways, structures or overhead lines, which is very costly to repair.

Available in lengths: 2000mm, 3000mm
Attaches to the ceiling with chains. Chain length 5000mm.
Distance between chains: 1830mm, 2830mm.
The chain is 85 mm from the end of the boom.
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