Light bar signaling 40x530mm red color with 2 functions (SB02700)

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Manual light bar for security functions, signaling, beaconing, etc.
It is a bar with handle and various signaling functions.
Great visibility, especially at night, thanks to its high intensity light effects.
It has 2 functions: red lit bar and red blinking bar.
For the selection of the light functions, there is a button on the handle.
It works with 2 1.5V batteries (type C)
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The marker post is made of bright 21mm HDPE, which does not become brittle in the cold. The main area of use is roadside marking in winter, but they are also suitable for other marking work.
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Site safety lamp - side mount.
The site lamp is tough, long-lasting and easy to install in a range of working environments. Suitable for all scaffolding, skip lugs, HERAS fencing and roadside barriers, as well as bolting onto flat surfaces.

- size: 120mm x 118mm x 95mm
- battery: 2 x AA ( not included)
- 1,500 hours performance
- dimmer switch
- 2 reziimi: flashing(1500h) and steady (750h)
- candela: 0.8 (flashing) / 0.95 (steady )
- protection class IP54
- BS EN 12352: 2006, L1
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Blinking hand Stop signal with LED
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LEDWISE RECON 330 is a hand-held flashlight designed primarily for use by authorities. CREE XP-L HD is very reliable and ensures plenty of light. When designing the product for example long operating times and different authority requirements have been taken into account (flashlight dimensions, beam length). Flashlight body includes two rechargeable 5000mAh 26650 Lithium batteries which provide long operating time. The large side-mounted operating switch is easy to use with gloves and in difficult conditions. Suitable light output is easy to find. The body surface is roughened and treated with non-slip material. The battery charge status is indicated by the indicator on the side of the lamp. The wall charger, supplied with the flashlight, can be user to keep the flashlight always operational and in place.found. Attach the wall charger to a service car, for example. Attention! The wall charger/holder operates at 12V.
The users of this type of flashlight are mainly police, border guards, customs, airport personnel, as well as numerous other organizations such as representatives of power companies and towage services.
The product is E17 10R approved and can be legally installed as part of the vehicle’s standard equipment in all EU countries. The flashlight has a two-year warranty, which can be extended to five years by registering it. The battery has a one-year warranty.

Brand Recon 330
Lumens 930lm
Range 430m
Intensity 47440cd
Dimensions 323 x 37mm, light head 50mm
IP class IPX7
Weight 760g with batteries
Power source/battery 2 x 5000mAh 26650 USB chargeable Li-Ion
Frame material Aluminum
Charging 12V charger/bracket/USB charging
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