Ploughing Stick Fiberglass 8 mm 150 cm 6 pcs

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Durable ploughing stick made out of fiberglass.
Sharpened bottom end of the stick and top end with a cap.
20 cm reflective tape on the stick.
Set of 6 pcs
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Orange fencing not oriented net used to secure construction site perimeters, roadworks and sports events.
Extruded from polyolefin, it is highly visible.
Thanks to its anti UV treatment and its longitudinal traction resistance, it can support heavy weather conditions.

Weight: 8 kg
Height 1 m
Length 50 m
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Ergonomic marking stick for Trig-a-cap marking spays
Allows you to apply markings easily and for a long period.
Arm in a metallic frame for a better hold.
Ergonomic handle enables the user to work without tiring.
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Boundary tape can be used to mark or delimit areas, be used to mark a course in sports competitions, to separate construction objects or a danger zone.
- dimensions of the danger tape: 80 mm x 500 m
- color: black-yellow
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Usable on a very wide range of surfaces such as: concrete, asphalt, grass, gravel, sand, stone, wood.
A particularly robust safety cap (no breakage if a full aerosol is dropped from a height of 1.50m)
Rapid drying: approximately 10 min.
Very good autonomy and coverage ability: 1 aerosol of fluorescent spray paint is sufficient to durably mark an 80m line (2cm wide) using the Soppec marking stick.
High marking duration including on damp surfaces, of up to 12 months (dependent on the surface, the conditions of application and UV exposure).
Temperature range: -20°C to 50°C. Fluo TP is available in a wide range of colours.
Aerosol cans, gross volume 650 ml, net volume 500 ml, in boxes of 12.

Color: blue
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The marker post is made of bright 21mm HDPE, which does not become brittle in the cold. The main area of use is roadside marking in winter, but they are also suitable for other marking work.
Length 1.5m
50mm RA2 reflector

50 pcs in a pack
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A container for storing sand or salt. The containers are made of high-quality polyethylene, which makes them resistant to the weather. Thanks to this, they last for many years.
The containers can be closed using a locking system (purchased as an accessory).

volume - load capacity - weight
70L - 100 kg - 6 kg
150L - 215kg - 11 kg
250L - 360kg - 18 kg

Color choice: green, yellow, blue.
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