Modular Speed Ramp, left 500x1000xH0-100mm

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- dimensions: 500x1000xH0-100mm
- number of mounting holes 4
- material: rubber
- color: black
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The rubber speed bump is a product designed for a wide range of road users who wish to increase the level of safety. Made of rubber in black and yellow. Equipped with a “cat’s eye” for increased visibility at night. The material used provides for long-term usage and preservation of colour.
Size: 500x900xH50 mm
Fixing holes: 6
SKU: LPZESD5PR ,   Qty: In Stock ,   Delivery time: 2-3 nädalat
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This model of speed bump “LONG” is the perfect solution for traffic calming in:
-internal roads
-parking areas
-work zones

-where a required speed limit of 10 - 25 km/h e.g. : in school zones, shopping malls, hotels, petrol stations, garages, etc.

- dimensions: 1830x300xH55mm
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dimensions: 400x250xH50mm
hard rubber
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A post marking a traffic threshold. Threshold markings may be missing on roads with a speed limit of 30 km/h or less.
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500x400xH50 mm
PVC material
4 mounting holes
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500x400xH50 mm
PVC material
4 mounting holes
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