Rubber ramp 500x325x52mm

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Ideal for use as a driveway to high curbs. It can be mounted to the pavement using mounting hardware both can be used as a temporary element.
The rump has a cable duct that does not interfere with the assembly of the rump in places where various types of cables are laid.

- Material: EPDM
- Length: 500mm
- Width: 325mm
- Height: 52 mm
- Weight: 6 kg
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This model of speed bump “LONG” is the perfect solution for traffic calming in:
-internal roads
-parking areas
-work zones
- can be used as a wall protector too

-where a required speed limit of 10 - 25 km/h e.g. : in school zones, shopping malls, hotels, petrol stations, garages, etc.

- dimensions: 1830x300xH55mm
SKU: LONG56BYM ,   Qty: In Stock
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Rubber speed bump is wear-resistant and durable
Maximum recommended crossing speed 20 km / h
Installation: on asphalt or concrete, not suitable for gravel roads

Element dimensions:
End 215x430x50mm
middle 500x430x50 mm

Installation accessories not included:
Product code: 13159FP
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A post marking a traffic threshold. Threshold markings may be missing on roads with a speed limit of 30 km/h or less.
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Rubber 3-groove cable protection 1x45mm, 2x20mm
Cable protection dimensions: 1200x210x65mm
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Cable ramp without mounting material. For occasionally heavy traffic suitable up to 40 tons.
The minimum order quantity is 2 pcs.

- overtravel speed max. 6km/hour.
- 490x600xH75mm
- material: PVC
- colour: black, yellow
- weight 8,7kg
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- unbreakable metal spikes and durable plastic cover
- blocker facility to leave spikes closed when stacking and allowing private passing directly away
- blocker facility also provides stringent obstruction for reverse direction passing
- better visibility with unilateral reflective tapes
- with sloped shape; no dislocation on ground and no damage on wheel trim
- with modular design; expandable to any road width attaching to each other
- operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
- wide range of use: on roads, streets, parking lots and all points required to control one way
- weight 7,3 kg
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