Skipper Q 3m Belt Barrier

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The Skipper Q belt barrier is a new and modern belt barrier which is made in the UK. The design and materials give a premium finish and look which you would normally find in high end luxury products. The metallic plastics have colour running all the way through the post & base so it will not mark or scratch like the powder coated current offerings do, giving a longer lasting product.

The design has all the weight placed in the base so the center of gravity is set much lower, giving a tipping point that vastly improves it’s performance.
Skipper Q can also hold modular, same color waste bins, dispensers and sanitizer gel brackets to create a multi-use safety station which makes this system unlike any other on the market.

- 3m barrier tape
- post size: Ø80mm H900mm
- post base: Ø470mm
- a wide range of accessories
- 7 belt color choices: purple, blue, red, grey, black, red/white, yellow/black
- weight: 8 kg


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Disaini kogu kaal on asetatud alusele, nii et raskuskese on palju madalamal, mis annab pöördepunkti, mis parandab oluliselt selle jõudlust.

Skipper Q mahutab ka modulaarseid sama värvi prügikaste, dosaatoreid ja desinfitseerimisgeeli kronsteine, et luua mitmeotstarbeline turvajaam, mis muudab selle süsteemi teistest turul pakutavatest erinevaks.
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Its functional design makes it a great complement to the Skipper product range, allowing you to easily display warnings, promotional messages and directions.
Simply insert your A4 message into the polycarbonate sleeve, and slide into the robust u-shaped frame.
Twist off the Skipper or Skipper XS unit’s top cap and twist the sign holder into position.
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Skipper bottle holder, suitable for attaching desiccant, soap or cream bottles to both the wall and the post.
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