Stainless steel hoop Ø48 mm

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Stainless steel pipe hoop

– dimensions: (L) 600/800/1000 x (H) 800mm
– pipe diameter Ø48.3 mm
– base size: Ø120 mm
– thickness: 3.5 cm
– material: stainless steel
– 6 mounting holes Ø14 mm
– method of attachment: on asphalt or concrete surface with anchors
– weight: 15 kg
- place of use: borders to shopping centers, parking lots, parks and can also be used as a bicycle rack


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height: 65 cm
width:42 cm
length: 165 cm
parking spaces: 3
weigth: 70 kg

bases: sandblasted concrete or painted concrete
parking spaces: varnished steel or stainless steel

The bike rack is installed by setting anchoring pipes in the concrete

base, sandblasted concrete: natural grey
base, painted concrete: grey, light graphite, graphite
parking spaces: light grey, dark grey, black
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height: 80 cm
width: 35 cm
length: 148 cm
parking spaces: 3
weigth: 22 kg

posts: varnished steel and varnished polymer composite
parking spaces: varnished steel

The bike rack is installed by setting anchoring pipes in the concrete

COLOR CHOICE: dark grey, black
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By using bicycle racks, you offer the opportunity to store bicycles in an organized manner. The closed shape offers support and the ability to tie down the bike to prevent theft. The simple design makes these bike racks functional and durable.

Dimensions: 1050*150*1070mm

Bicycle racks have:
• Standard base plate for installation
below the ground
• Height from the ground 900 mm
• Warranty 5 years

Material according to the series (different material choices in the series):
• Corten steel pipe 60x40x2 mm
• Galvanized steel pipe 60x40x2 mm

• Galvanized steel pipe ø 40x2 mm
• Stainless steel 316 pipe ø42x2 mm

• Corten steel 8 mm
• Galvanized steel 8 mm

• Corten steel 10 mm
• Galvanized steel 10 mm.

Regular cleaning and oiling of the wood ensures that the pigment in the wood is preserved longer and the discoloration process is delayed.
• Annual cleaning and dirt removal with clean water.

NB! Do not use a pressure washer.
SKU: AR2BS.900S.Zn
Individual stands for 2 bikes
Stand of Ø 12 mm round steel
welded to vertical tube 40 x 40 mm
height approx. 500 mm above ground
hot-dip galvanized
weight: 4kg
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E-bike holder with plug. Choice of holder for 1 or 3 wheels.

- The holder is made of hot-dip galvanized and powder-
coated steel
- square pipe with IP 54 outlet
- socket 230V with protective cover.
- width: 800 mm
- total height: 800 mm,
- sole connection to the ground
- hot-dip galvanized and black coating
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Mobile bike rack with advertising label

·for stable fixing of bicycles with rotating holding devices
with drive wheels
tire widths 6x up to 55 mm / 3x up to 45 mm
finish: galvanized, coated RAL 9005

Choice of 2 models:
- without sockets
- 3x socket IP54, 2x with dock for charging electric bikes.
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