Barrier WALL red H600mm

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Safety barrier - WALL for roads, construction areas, residential areas, parking lots and etc.

- Cat eyes-design and lateral reflective stripes
provide high visibility
- with weighted base; total weight 20 kg
- high durable solid body
- can be fitted into each other to extend
- anti-skid base
- operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
- dimensions: 60x100x40 cm

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Extending barrier garden up to 4 m
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Skipper XS is a practical indoor fencing system, well suited for fencing areas in warehouses, production and institutions. Versatile fastenings allow Skipper XS tape to be attached to virtually any side, be it wall, shelf, post, mirror.
Fasteners are not included.

The length of the Skipper XS tape is 9 meters!
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- a road barrier filled with water or sand, which is an ideal traffic diverter on streets and highways
- reflective stickers class RA2
- a traffic control device approved by the highway authority
- material: weather-, corrosion- and UV-resistant polyethylene

Length: 1130 mm
Width: 390 mm
Height: 560 mm
Empty weight: 6 kg, filled up to 60 kg
Colors: white and red

On the base: 24 tanks, truck full load 528 units
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