Extendable barrier 23-250 cm yellow and black with reflectors (SB07100)

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Signalling barrier for the delimitation of the different spaces. Ideal for delimiting roads, streets, private spaces, use in industrial spaces, etc.
The extendable barrier that allows configuring the width of 23 cm up to 250 cm. Height of the barrier of 98 cm. Made of high strength plastic.
The ends have holes with a stopper, to fill the interior with water, sand, or any other element that gives weight and strength to the supports.
The barrier of yellow and black colour. It incorporates white and red reflectors, for night vision.
Rings at the ends, for fixing some type of chain, rope or space delimiting element.
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Twilight sensor and manual on / off functions.
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- operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C
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