Grill lamp One Eighty - OE9 - True 180º Certified Wide-Angle LED 12/24V, Amber

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Powerful 180° illuminating LED light head.
9xpowerLED, amber light
clear lens
16-flash modes
last programmed flash memory can be synchronized together
water and vibration resistant construction
Max.power 1,16A/12VDC 0,58A/24VDC
hole distance 120mm
ECE R65 (XA1) ECE R10
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amber beacon, clear lens
leds: 6 x 1W
5 different flashing alternatives, several flashers can be synchronized together
hole distance 120mm
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. LED Power: 6pcs*3W Cree, amber
. Voltage: 12-24Volt DC
. Waterproof: IP67
. Certificate: ECE R65 Single Flash, ECE R10
. SAE J595 CLASS1 Double Flash
. Material: PC lens, aluminum base with 3M sticker
. Flashing: 19 patterns, single, double, alternate flash...
. Function: With memory, Flashing at the same time, Flashing alone
. Five wires: Red-Positive, Black-Negative, Yellow-Switch, White-Input, Gray-Output
. dimensions: 130x30x10mm
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clear lens
12 flashing options, non-volatile memory for a last used pattern
aluminum base: good heat dissipation, waterproof, vibration-resistant
several flashers can be synchronized together
ECE R65, SAE J595 Class1, CA13 class B
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amber beacon, clear glass, super bright LEDs: 3x1W, 12 flash patterns
non volatile last pattern memory, several flashers can be synchronized together, hood mounting: bracket included
IP67, ECE-R65 Class 1. reverse polarity protection, weatherproof, vibration resistant, aluminium base for good heat dissipation
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